The New York Chapter Of The
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

The New York Chapter of the AAML

Since 1965, the New York Chapter of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers has worked diligently to connect clients with reputable legal representation in family law matters. Our Fellows across the state are recognized for their extensive knowledge, experience, commitment to the law, and solid reputation within the legal community. 

We are proud to offer the best continuing family law education in the state and our fellows are committed to improving the laws through continuous legislative advocacy. We not only apply our knowledge in court, but by connecting local families with attorneys who are passionate about what they do and can assist with their clients’ specific needs. For assistance finding a skilled lawyer near you, search our Fellow Directory. 

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Meet Our Fellows

Leaders in the Field of Family Law

Qualifications for Membership

American Academy of Matrimonial Fellows are some of the most prestigious and well-respected Family Lawyers in the U.S. Understandably, the process of applying and qualifying for Fellowship requires a serious professional commitment to accomplish admittance. AMML has set out the following requirements and standards for admission:

  • 7 Year Practice Requirement as an Attorney
  • Compliance with Continuing Legal Education Requirements Prior to Application
  • Substantial Involvement in the Area of Matrimonial & Family Law
  • Competence to Litigate Complex Matrimonial & Family Matters
  • Competence to Settle Complex Matrimonial & Family Law Matters
  • Applicant Must Be a Practicing Attorney and Not a Sitting Judge unless the Applicant Meets the Other Standards
  • Applicant Must Pass National Exam
  • Extensive Interview Process with Chapter Leadership
  • Professional Reputation Must Be in Good Standing
  • Must Adhere to AAML Bounds of Advocacy
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